Our Clients

Marketing Consulting

One of our specialties is helping you align your message to the psychology of diverse cultural markets. This can start with quantitative and qualitative market analysis in order to understand, through data, the psychology of your market. Maybe you have that piece down and now need carefully crafted messages for campaigns, to increase brand awareness, communication materials or ongoing public relations projects. Reach them with the right message every time!

Success in organizations starts and ends with effective communication. Using our signature business communication system, we can customize training for professional development days, groups or conferences in order to meet specific outcomes and objectives.  It is highly recommended we create and help you implement a very simple needs based survey of the groups or audience being trained. We find this delivers a highly fulfilling experience for all participants. 

Corporate Training

At Compelling Conversations we specialize in advancing the goals and strategies of organizations, companies and professionals through the development of key interpersonal skills. Using our signature communication business system for success in speaking, effective presentations, sales/pitching, energized team building and conscious leadership we foster human potential within a context of diversity.